Document Request Forms (aka Checklist Item Request Forms) provide flexibility for schools to electronically receive key admissions or enrollment documents that remain confidential to the school, while also providing visibility for applying or enrolling families to track completion progress. SchoolAdmin can build as many of these forms as your school needs. We can also create business rules to show the right request forms based on a defined set of criteria.

Example Use Cases

  • Parent-requested documents: Online Transcripts / School Records from the child's current/previous school within the application checklist. Click here to learn about a process flow for this use case! Some examples for the enrollment checklist include Final Transcripts / Medical Records.
  • Internal admin-requested documents: Collect interview notes from internal staff after a student visit, even if the staff member is not in SchoolAdmin.
  • Any additional forms as needed by your school.

Benefits of Document Request Forms

  • Remove the middle man: School-confidential documents can be collected from a school or other outside organization and brought directly into SchoolAdmin from the source.
  • Time saver for your team: Eliminates the need for receiving hard copy documents that have to be scanned and uploaded into the system.
  • Quicker turnaround on checklist items: Checklist items are marked complete automatically once the requested documents have been uploaded by the request recipient.
  • Families are kept in the loop: Parents/Students can track the completion status of requested items from the Portal, and they receive an automated but customizable email notification once the requested documents have been submitted.
  • Seamless integration with the Online Review Module: Uploaded files can be easily displayed in a student's review packet, without the need for any manual file uploads by the school.
  • More efficient searching and reporting: Easily see when required documents have been received in real-time, instead of having to wait on an admin to manually upload the received documents to the system.


How-To: Use Document Request Forms

Document request form functionality is very similar to that of online teacher recommendation forms in SchoolAdmin. Read on below for the basics:

  • Document request forms are custom-created online forms tied to checklist items. Click here to learn how to set up a document request form.
  • Document requests can be sent by families through the Parent Portal, or by admins through the checklist on the student contact record, using the 'Send Request' button.
  • Applying families can track the progress of the request from the Parent Portal. They will see the status change when the recipient has started on the request, and when it is completed the checklist item is automatically marked as complete.
  • Requested document(s) remain confidential with the school. Parents/Students will not be able to see any uploaded documents or the submitted request form. They will only see that the request has been completed.
  • Schools can request documents internally for things like interview notes from other staff members. The staff member receiving the request does not need to have an admin/user account in SchoolAdmin in order to complete it. Click here to learn how to make an internal checklist item.


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