Parents can request online transcripts and school records in the same manner as online teacher recommendations.  The requested documents remain confidential with the school, and the parent/guardian is notified once the document(s) have been submitted. 

Checklist Management

From the Admissions Checklist, the parent or student can click on the blue “Send Request” button next to the Document Request Checklist Item (the checklist name is customizable in your checklist settings).

A pop-up window will open up.  This is where the parent will fill out the requester's name and email and click Send.  They are notified that the requested document/materials remain confidential with the school.  

The parent or student will receive a confirmation email once the requested document(s) have been submitted by the requester.

Edit Request and View Details

Once the document request has been sent, the parent has an option to edit the request and send it to a different contact, or they can resend the request, which will send a reminder email to the contact. 

The 'Edit Request' button lets the parent change the name and/or email of the original request.  They're informed that by clicking 'send new request,' the existing request will be cancelled and and a new request will be sent to the updated contact.  

The 'resend' option sends a reminder email to the existing contact.  Parents/guardians will click on the green 'resend' button to complete this action.  If there's previous requests that were sent, the parent can see a history of all requests that were made.  All document request emails can be customized within Settings-->Communication-->Email Templates

If the parent clicks on the 'View Details' link within the Document Request Checklist Item, they can view the status of the request, including if it was sent, if the requester is in progress of filling it out, if it was declined or if it was completed.  Please note that the completed form/uploaded document(s) are not viewable by the Parent because it remains school confidential.

  • Sent means the email request was sent but it hasn't been viewed yet by the requester.
  • In-Progress means the requester started the document request but hasn't completed it.
  • Completed means the requested document(s) were uploaded and/or the form was completed. 
  • Declined means the requester declined the document request.

Parents receive email notifications once the document request has been completed by the requester, and the requester will also receive an email with a copy of the completed form or uploaded document(s) in a printable PDF.

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