While online forms are often the best way to collect information, many schools still intake a lot of hard-copy (paper) forms and documents from applying or enrolling families. Additionally, there are many times where information is coming from multiple sources, such as receiving recommendations via your parent portal, via paper or PDF, and from EMA's Standard Application Online (SAO).

This can be a challenge because while the overall process is similar, the checklist item needs to support multiple input sources. This article will discuss how to upload files from the admin side to complete online form checklist items for a student.


How-To: Upload Files to Form Checklist Items

All form-based checklist items (e.g. applications, custom forms, online recommendations) include the ability for admins to upload a file to that checklist item. This option is only available on the admin portal - parents/students will not be able to upload files to an online form type checklist item.

To do this, first, navigate to the contact record of the student for whom you want to upload files. Once you are on their record, find the item on their checklist and click the blue 'Upload' text to the right of it.


After selecting and uploading the desired file, the checklist item will be marked as complete from the admin and parent portal side.

If you have several files for different students to upload, this functionality is also available via the Bulk File Upload tool as well.

The ability for admins to upload to a form checklist item helps reduce supplemental and duplicate checklist items while streamlining configuration management and reporting. If this checklist is used in the Online Review process, the uploaded file will appear there for your readers to review.


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