Admins can submit internal (school-facing only) document requests to other staff members to collect interview notes or shadow day notes.  The status of these document requests can then be tracked within the applicant’s checklist.  This works the same way as an online teacher recommendation form.  Please note, admin submitted document requests will come from the Admin email address that they're logged into the system with.  You can view the date the request was sent, as noted below. To access your options, click on the manage link. 

Within the details window, you can see the status of the request(s), the name of the contact that received the request(s), and the date that the request(s) was sent.  If multiple requests were sent and cancelled by the parent/guardian, you can see a history of past requests here as well.  

Here you have the option to send a request for the first time if one was not sent by the parent, to send a reminder email to the contact if a request was already sent by the parent/guardian or by an admin, and to edit the request and send it to another contact or email address.

When a contact completes their document request, the checklist item will automatically be marked as complete with the date the file was submitted.  

You now have the option to view the uploaded file(s) by clicking on 'view form.'  This will open the form with a hyperlink to view the uploaded file.  You can also see a history of requests by clicking on the 'details' link.

Completed Document Request Confidentiality: The uploaded file(s) stay school confidential.  The parent/guardian will NOT have access to view the uploaded file(s).  They will receive an email notifying them that the form was completed and the checklist item will also be marked as complete in the parent portal.

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