SchoolAdmin Enrollment Management Leaders:  An Online Community For You!

The SchoolAdmin Enrollment Management Leaders Slack workspace is for Independent School Admission and Enrollment Professionals to share ideas, and receive feedback from peers about best practices and issues facing schools today. The user base includes both current SchoolAdmin clients as well as non-SchoolAdmin users that attended one of our thought leadership webinars.  We encourage you to collaborate on discussions of what you've tried, what works, and what you're trying to achieve.  

IMPORTANT: Although the user community will be managed and monitored by SchoolAdmin staff, please keep in mind that the SchoolAdmin Slack workspace is not intended as a client support channel for ticket and site support.  

If you need immediate assistance, please contact us via the online support chat in the application or give us a call and we'll be happy to help.

**RETIRED: SchoolAdmin Home Room**

For those of you that joined our SchoolAdmin Home Room, please join us in our new Enrollment Management Leaders channel via the join button below.  We're still checking activity in the Home Room slack channel, and will retire it sometime in the future (TBD).    

How to Join

Once you enter your email and click on the green 'Verify email' button, you'll be asked to check your email to continue.  *IMPORTANT*: Please make sure to download the desktop application so that you can be an active member, see when your questions are answered, stay informed of new features, webinars, additional announcements, and more. 


We kindly ask that all participants agree to follow a few principles of civility and professionalism:

  • Encourage others to develop and share their ideas. Make a personal commitment to learning about, understanding, and supporting each other's similarities and differences in the admissions and/or enrollment process. 

  • Be mindful of your tone, as it can easily be misinterpreted via text.  Think through and re-read your comments before you post them.

  • Recognize and respect diversity.  Although there's similarities across schools, there's also many differences.  If something doesn't apply to your school's process, respectfully bow out.

  • Assume the best of others in the forum and expect the best from them. 

  • It's okay to disagree with ideas, but avoid challenges that may be interpreted as a personal attack. 

  • Be nice and positive! :)

How to use the SchoolAdmin Slack Workspace & Application

Download the desktop client:
It's important to have the desktop application so that you don't miss responses or conversations you get tagged in.   

If you have never used Slack before, visit the linked article for  some tips on how to use Slack:

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