Household Membership

The 'Household Membership' page of the Households tab in the contact record allows you to manage what contacts live in what households.  Here you will see the following:

  • Contact List (1): A list of all related contacts that live in a household of the current record will display in the first column.  The contact record that you’re currently looking at will be at the top of the list, highlighted in orange.  The role of the contact will be listed underneath their name with the relationship to the current record displayed in parentheses.
  • Household 1 (2): The primary household is listed in the second column, with the address displayed near the top.  The checkboxes below allow you to mark who lives in the house and who doesn’t.  Simply check the circle to set residency, or uncheck the circle to remove the contact from the household.  Important: The child/student and primary parent MUST live in the primary household.  For these two contacts, the checkmark will be greyed out because the contacts cannot be removed from the primary household.  The primary parent can be switched, however, and then moved to another household.
  • Household 2 (3): If there is a second household, it will display in the next column, with the address displayed near the top.  The checkboxes work the same way as in the primary household, except no contacts are locked.  The same applies for any additional households that are listed.
  • Add Household (4): If you need to add an additional household, click on the green plus sign and fill out all required fields and any additional fields that you can.
  • Current Record (5): The current record has a greyed out checkmark because the contact can’t be removed from the primary household.  If you hover over the checkmark, you will see this message appear. 
  • Checkmark circles (6): These can be checked off to move a contact into a household, or unchecked to remove a contact from a household, as long as it’s not the primary parent or student.
  • Primary Parent (7): The primary parent can’t be removed from the primary household without first assigning a different contact as the primary parent.  If you hover over the greyed out checkmark, you’ll see this message appear.
  • Add Related Contact (8): If you need to add any related contacts, you can click on the green plus sign and type in the name.  This works the same way as it does in the household details page and on the summary tab of the contact record.
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