Household Details

Within Household Details of the Households tab of a contact record, you can manage the following:

  • Household 1 (1): This is the primary household, which consists of Parent 1 and Parent 2.  The primary parent must live in the primary household.  If they need to be moved to a different household, the primary parent will need to be changed first. You can also edit the household address from here.  Continue reading for more information on how to perform these steps.
  • Students (2): This is where you will see all students that are assigned to the household.  A student here is defined as any contact working their way through the admissions funnel (Inquiry status–>Enrolled status).  The name of the student who’s record you’re currently in will be highlighted in orange.  The relationship of the other students in the household is displayed in parentheses next to their name such as sister, brother, sibling etc.
  • Parents (3): All parents that live in the household will be listed here. This could also include grandparents that are designated as parents. The relationship of these contacts is displayed in parentheses next to their name, such as mother, father, grandmother, etc. Click on the relationship type to update it.  You can also view/edit the phone number and email of each contact by clicking on it.
  • Other Household Members (4): Other members that live in the household such as an uncle, aunt, cousin, etc will be listed here.  Their relationship to the student is displayed next to their name in parentheses.
  • Household 2 (5): The second household consists of Parent 3 and Parent 4.
  • Add Household (6): Click on the plus sign to add an additional household.  You can then assign members within the Household Membership tab.
  • Other Related Contacts (7): This is where you can see other related contacts such as prospects, consultants, etc that don’t live in any of the households.  You can add new related contacts here or manage existing ones.  You can also link two contacts in the system that don’t have a relationship set.

How to Edit a Household Address

Hover over the address you need to edit, and you’ll see everything framed in blue.  A pencil and trashcan will also appear to the right of the address so you can edit or delete the household, respectively.  Please note, you cannot delete a household without moving all contacts to another household first.  This can be managed within the “Household Membership” page.Click on the pencil to edit the address.  

The 'Edit Household' dialogue box will open.  Make any necessary changes to the address and then click on the 'Save Household' button.  All fields marked with an asterisk are required to be filled out.

Add a New Household

To add a new household, click on the plus sign next to 'Add Household.'

The 'Add New Household' dialogue box will display.  Enter all of the required fields marked with an asterisk and any remaining fields that you have information for.  Then click the 'Save Household' button at the bottom.  You’ll be able to add members to the new household within the household membership page.

How to Add/Edit a Relationship, Phone Number, or Email Address

To update the relationship of a contact, click on it, set the new relationship and then click the check mark to save your changes.

If you need to add a phone number or email address for any household contacts, click on 'add phone' or 'add email' under the contact name.  If a number or email already exists, you can click on it to edit.  

Add or update an existing phone number or email and then click the check mark to save your changes.  If you need to exit without saving, click the 'x.'  

*Important Note about Parent Updates to Contact Information: Once a form is submitted, the parent can't un-submit the form to update their contact details.  This is handled by the Admin at the school, who will update the information in the record.  When a kid moves from Admissions to Enrollment, there is often a 'Contact Update' page within the Contract, which is when families update their contact details.  This information is then updated in the system upon contract submission. 

How to Assign/Re-assign the Primary Parent/Guardian

If you need to reassign the primary parent you can click on the orange 'P' next to their name wherever it's displayed in the student record such as in the upper right under the Communicate and Edit menus, and in the various households tabs .  If you hover over the icon, you will see helper text appear as shown below.

Click on the 'P' to start the reassignment process.  A dialogue box will open.  Here you can select another parent/guardian from the drop-down menu and then click submit.  Once you’ve reassigned the primary parent, you can then move the original primary parent to another household, if needed, within the household membership page.

To learn about setting financially responsible parents/guardians, click here

Below the household information is an area for 'Other Related Contacts' that don’t live in the households and are out of workflow contacts such as prospects and consultants.  You can add new contacts here, or manage the phone number, email, and relationship of existing contacts.  This works the same way as the 'Related Contacts' section on the bottom left of the Summary tab of the record.  Click here to learn more.

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