Text Messaging Intended Use and Disclaimer

SchoolAdmin's text messaging system is designed for parent communication within the inquiry and admissions process.

SchoolAdmin text messaging is not designed or intended to be used as part of an emergency alert or crisis management system.   Click here to learn more.



Text messages can be sent individually in the contact record, or in bulk from a list page.  Message content can be customized for one-time use or pre-defined templates can be used for bulk communications.  

IMPORTANT: Text messages will ONLY be sent to phone numbers labeled as 'cell phone.'  You can set this phone type as a default field value in your forms, if it's helpful for your process.  

International Phone Number Support

Currently, text messages can be sent to Canadian phone numbers.  Other international numbers are not currently supported and will not be received. 

Sending Individual Text Messages

For an individual text message, go into the contact record, and click on the 'communicate' menu and select 'send text message.'

Select Recipients

Select your recipient(s) from the options list.  Then, choose whether or not you want to send it as a family-based text message. Family-based texts will only be sent once to each contact, even if they are responsible for multiple students within the selected list. After you've made your choices, click 'next.' 

Template Editor

An edit window will open.  You can either write a custom message or select a saved template from the drop-down menu.  To learn about creating text message templates, click here.  A best practice is to let your recipients know that replies to the message will not be received as shown below.  You can also include commands for them to opt-out and opt back in to your messages.  The list of standard commands for opting in and out are included in the 'Parent Subscription' section of the 'Text Message Overview' article.  Once your template is complete, click 'next.' 

Message Preview and Send

The message preview screen will open.  A note will display at the top indicating the send window for your communications. It states that any messages sent outside of these hours will be held for delivery until the blackout period has ended. To adjust these hours, click here to learn about Text Message Setup.  Text messages will ONLY be sent if there's a cell phone listed for the recipient(s) selected.  If a home phone only is listed, then no recipients will display.

The system will confirm how many recipients the message was sent to.  Click 'Done' to exit.   

Sending Text Messages in Bulk

To send a message in bulk, go to your Admissions or Enrollment List page (1).  Apply any filter options (2) as needed and then select your contacts in bulk (3).  You'll recognize these steps from the bulk email process.  Then click on 'Communicate-->Send Text Message (4).'    

Next, follow the same steps for sending an individual text message explained above, starting with selecting recipients.  The preview screen will have a larger list of recipients and all message history can be viewed within Settings-->Communications-->Text Message History.  Click here to learn more. 

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