Text message communications can be sent with pre-defined templates or on an individual basis with custom text.  To create a template, go to Settings-->Communications-->Text Message Templates. 

How to Create a New Text Message Template

Within the templates page, click on the green plus sign in the upper left to create a new text message template. The template editor will open.

  • Name your template. The template name isn't parent-facing. 

  • Type the content of your message and insert merge fields from the drop-down menu's where needed to customize your content.  This works the same way as your email and letter templates. Click here to learn more about merge fields. *Note about character limit: We recommend limiting text messages to 160 characters if you want to ensure all carriers receive a single message.  Texts longer than 160 characters may be split into multiple messages depending on the carrier. 

  • Delivery Phone Number: SchoolAdmin has a standard number of (844) 330-8001 that's used across all sites for text messages. It cannot be customized and replies cannot be received. It's best practice to notify families that replies will not be received.  If available, you can include a custom reply-to number in the message. 

  • IMPORTANT: Include your school name in all templates. This is critical due to the delivery phone number being the same for all schools using SchoolAdmin.  If a family receives SMS messages from multiple schools in our community, they will all come from the same number and it'll be difficult to know what school that information is coming from if it's not indicated in the message.

  • Important Note about Reply To's and Opt In/Out: When creating text message templates and custom messages, you should let your recipients know their responses will not be received with an option to include a reply-to number.  You should also include instructions on how they can opt-out and opt back into your messages.   Click here for a list of opt in/out commands, located under the 'Parent Subscription Management' section.  If a parent opts-out of a message, you will see this indicated as an error in the 'Text Message History' page.  

  • Click on the save button to set your template.  

*Important Note: Only plain text will be sent.  Font customization such as font type, bold, italic, etc and images/gif's are not supported by SMS, the text messaging protocol.

How to Edit or Delete a Text Message Template

If you need to edit or delete an existing template, you can click on the corresponding links along the far right.

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