The Enrollment Checklist works the same way as your Admissions Checklist, however, you have a few different types of checklists items to manage such as the Contract/Registration Form, Deposit/Registration Fee, and a few others that we'll discuss.  All visibility options and business rules can still be applied to your Enrollment Checklist.  One additional criteria for checklist visibility is setting a checklist item to be shown/hidden for both new and returning students, just new or just returning.  Click here to learn more on creating and managing checklist items. 

Accessing the Enrollment Checklist

Once students are placed in enrollment, the parent/guardian will see their child's enrollment checklist, and that their child is enrolling for "x" grade in "y" year.  They will also see a quick-view of their checklist progress in the progress bar along the right.  They can click on the 'Continue Enrollment Process' button or on the 'View Checklist' hyperlink to access their child's checklist.  If a parent needs access to the checklist because they're not authenticated, click here to learn more about authentication.

The checklist will display any important messages at the top in the communication area and all required and/or optional checklist items.  

Once all required checklist items have been marked complete, the child will automatically move into a status of 'Enrolled' and they will see a thank you message that says their enrollment process is complete. 

If the student is placed on an academic or financial hold, the parent will lose access to their child's checklist and they will see the following message, which does not specify the type of hold on the account:

Enrollment Specific Checklist Items

Intent to Enroll Form

The Intent to Enroll form is used for families to indicate their preference on re-enrollment/re-registration.  It's a very simple form that asks if the child will be re-enrolling/re-registering, and if not, they can provide a reason for their withdrawal.  Some schools use this form, while others just use the contract/registration form.

Parents will click on the 'Complete Form' button to fill it out.  Once the form has been submitted:

  • The checklist item will be marked complete.
  • The form submit date will display.
  • The parent/guardian can click on the 'View Form' link to view and print a PDF copy.  

For families that selected 'no' to re-enroll/re-register, the checklist item will be marked complete and no other items will display, unless otherwise determined by your school's checklist.  For families that selected 'yes' to re-enroll/re-register, the checklist item will be marked complete and all remaining checklist items such as the contract, etc will now appear.

Admin Checklist View

The Admin View will also limit visibility of the full checklist if the remaining items are hidden behind business rules based on the form response.  All internal and/or optional items will also display, if applicable. 

Once the form has been submitted, the checklist will update on the admin side, based on the form response. 

The completed form will be accessible in the checklist item via the 'View Form' link above, as well as in the 'form and document submission history' section of the student record shown below. 

Contract/Registration Form

The Contract/Registration Form will display automatically for those schools not using the Intent to Enroll form.  However, if your school is using this form, then the contract checklist item will display based on any dependencies set, as described above.  Please note, the 'complete form' button will only display once a contract has been generated by an admin.  If a contract is in a status of 'pending,' then the blue 'complete form' button will not appear, which means the parent/guardian can't fill out the form.  

Once contracts/registration forms have been generated, the 'complete form' button displays. 

The parent will then complete the contract and once submitted:

  • The parent/guardian will receive an automated 'Contract Thank You email' that can be edited within Settings-->Communication-->Email Templates.
  • The checklist item will be marked complete.
  • The form submit date will display.
  • The parent/guardian can click on the 'View Form' link to view and print a PDF copy.  

Admin Contract/Registration Form Checklist View

On your side of the checklist, you can see when the contract was submitted, and view a PDF of the completed form within the checklist. 

The form will also be viewable in the 'Form and Document Submission History' section.

You can also see a quick-view of the contract statuses within the Enrollment List Page to see what contracts are still generated, in progress, pending payment/signature, and submitted.

Click here to learn more about contract preview's and generation.
Click here to learn about the different contract statuses.


The deposit/registration fee is a separate checklist item so you can search on who paid and who still needs to pay.  For credit card and e-check options, the checklist item will automatically be marked complete upon submission of payment.  However, if your school accepts a paper check option, or you have very few families that need to pay via paper check, you will mark this item complete upon receipt of payment.  The checklist item description is customizable in your checklist settings.  Below is an example:

Once the deposit has been paid, the checklist item will be marked complete as shown below:

  • Click here to learn how to set the deposit amount and payment methods accepted by your school.
  • Click here to learn more about deposit amount types, additive deposits, custom deposit text, and more.

Admin Checklist View
The deposit checklist item will only need to be manually marked complete if you're receiving cash, a paper check, or if you're manually waiving a deposit fee. Most schools have waiver codes setup in their contract so that this step is automated.  If you need to mark the deposit complete, click on the checkbox.  

You'll then be prompted to select the payment method from the drop-down menu and type in the amount paid.  You'll see this same dialog box if you click on 'edit,' however, you will then need to manually mark the checklist item complete.  Once you're done, click 'Submit.'

The checklist item will be marked complete and you'll see the amount paid, payment method and date this information was recorded.  If you need to edit this information, click on the text for the amount/payment method or on the date. 


For schools integrating with FACTS, there will be a checklist item with a button that says, 'Go to your FACTS Account.'  This is the link that will push all tuition and fees over to FACTS so that parents/guardians can finalize their agreements in FACTS.  This is a one-time integration, which is explained in more detail in the linked articles below.

  • Click here to learn about the FACTS Integration and watch a video on the parent process.
  • Click here to learn about FACTS best practices and FAQ's. 

Admin Checklist View

The admin will see when the FACTS checklist item has been marked complete, with the date.  Filters can be applied within the Enrollment list page to see who has a complete or incomplete FACTS checklist item. 

Additional Enrollment Checklist Items

In addition to the checklist items mentioned above, you may have required medical records, an emergency contact form, a field trip permission form, and/or a variety of optional items such as a student photo or events sign-ups as shown below.  

Additional Tools

Automated Communication Plans are a great way to remind parents to complete required items by deadlines determined by your school.  An example is to setup checklist reminder emails 1 month, 2 weeks and 3 days before the deadline for any families that are still in an Enrollment in Progress status.  Click here to learn more.  

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