Sibling Discounts

SchoolAdmin calculates siblings who are enrolled in the same school by assigning each sibling a number starting with the student in the highest grade and working down. 


  • 11th grade sibling set sibling_order value to 1

  • 9th grade sibling set sibling_order value to 2

  • 3rd grade sibling set sibling_order value to 3

Siblings in the same grade, such as twins, are assigned two different numbers with the sibling who was created first (based on timestamp) in the SchoolAdmin system assigned first.

Siblings order will be recalculated any time a new sibling enters enrollment.  This means if an older sibling enrolls at a later date, all siblings will have their sibling order number rest.

Example sibling discount structure:

  • sibling_order = 1 apply no discount

  • sibling_order = 2 apply a 5% discount

  • sibling_order >= 3 apply a 10% discount

Use case not supported via the sibling order feature:  

If there are multiple students attending the school, give a discount to all students including the first sibling.  This cannot be accomplished via the sibling_order functionally.  A flat field could be created if either set by the school or filled out by the family.    

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