Fee rules are used to create a dynamic, data driven contract that frees staff from having to individually create each student's and family's contract. 

Fee Rules

All line item fees (Tuition, Discounts, Deposits, Required Fees, Optional Fees, and Payment Plans) can be applied on a case by case based on business rules that trigger whether that line item applies to a given student's contract.  In the case of a Payment Plan, rules can trigger what plan options are available.

Business rules are flexible and open ended but most common examples comprise of basic IS, IS NOT, AND, OR statements driven off data fields set on the student's record.


  • school_level IS Lower 

  • day_or_boarding IS Boarding

  • international_student IS true AND school_level IS Upper

  • faculty_child IS true

  • financial_aid_awarded IS true

If the rule is true, then that fee applies to the student.

A note about year over year behavior: 

If the fee depends on a field set on the contact record, this data may need to be updated each year.  If not, it is possible for fees to appear that should not or fees not appearing when they should. Many standard fields are track based so they automatically update each year. These include: grade, school level, enrollment type (new or returning), financial aid and scholarship fields. However, other common fields like day/boarding, international, or faculty member are flat fields that do not change year over year.

How to changes and edit fee rules

Current fees rules are handled by a SchoolAdmin specialist. Please contact us and we'll be happy to help you out.

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