Base Tuition Amount 

All contracts require a single active tuition fee when generated. If there is no tuition applied or there are multiple tuitions applied, a contract generation error will appear. Fee rules are used to determine which tuition applies to a given contract. The base tuition is a flat amount that can be modified through financial aid, scholarships, tuition discounts, and required fees to create a final amount.


  • Upper School Tuition
  • Day Tuition
  • International Tuition
  • Kindergarten Tuition
  • Default 

Tuition Override

Tuition may also be manually set by using entering a value in the Tuition Override field on a student’s contact record. The tuition override works independent of the other line items which still apply based on the fee rules defined.

Tuition Discounts

Tuition discounts are used to provide discounts for students and families. Common discounts include a discount for siblings enrolling at the school or a discount for students of faculty members.  Another example is a discount for signing a contract early or paying in full. 

Tuition discounts can be a fixed amount or a percentage. The percentage can be calculated based on any combination of tuition (before discounts), required fees, financial aid, and scholarships. This provides flexibility in determining how discounts apply, though most common is a discount that combines all of those items.

Tuition and Fees Setup and Management

Click here to learn how to manage tuition and fee settings.

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