A key part of the enrollment module in SchoolAdmin is the ability to list a student's tuition, as well as any tuition discounts, on their electronic contract. For schools on our PRO plan, specific tuition and tuition discount amounts can be set up in the system and applied to student contracts based on contract fee rules. In this article, you can learn more about tuition, tuition override, and tuition discounts in SchoolAdmin.

Base Tuition Amount 

All contracts require a single active tuition fee when generated. If there is no tuition applied or there are multiple tuitions applied, a contract generation error will appear. Contract fee rules are used to determine which tuition applies to a given contract.

The base tuition is a flat amount that can be modified through financial aid, scholarships, tuition discounts, and required fees to create a final amount.


  • Lower School Tuition

  • Upper School Tuition

  • Day Tuition

  • Boarding Tuition

  • International Tuition

  • Default Tuition

Tuition Override

Tuition can be set manually by entering a value in the Tuition Override (tuition_override) field on a student’s contact record or via import. The tuition override works independently of the other line items which still apply based on the fee rules defined.

The amount entered into the tuition override field will become the new tuition amount for the student. For example, if you wanted the student's tuition amount to be $5,000, you would enter '5000' as the value in the tuition override field. Even if you plan to use tuition override, students still need to have a default tuition amount applied through contract fee rules in order for the contract to generate successfully.

Tuition Discounts

Tuition discounts are not required to be on a contract but are useful for assigning a discount to a specific type of student, as indicated by a contract fee rule. For example, you might give a discount to students with a parent/guardian who works for your school, or to students who are in a special program you offer. Tuition discounts can be a fixed amount or a percentage of any combination of tuition, required fees, financial aid, and scholarships.


  • Sibling discount

  • Faculty-student discount

  • Early enrollment discount

  • Pay in full discount

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