At various points throughout the year, you may need to make changes to your existing forms. A few common changes are updating form text or key dates, adding fields (questions), and adding/updating field dependencies. Please note: If you need new fields created or field options changed, please contact SchoolAdmin Support. You can click here for a list of changes managed by the Support Team.

This article will go through the basics of how to create a new draft of an online form and start making edits to it. For more specifics on Online Forms in SchoolAdmin, see the Related Articles section at the bottom of this page.

Click here to watch the full video tutorial on editing forms.

How-To: Create & Edit a New Draft

Online forms can be created or edited by navigating to Settings -> Forms and then clicking on the type of form you want to update (e.g. teacher recommendations, contract, etc.).

To edit a form, it must be in a draft state. To make a draft of an existing form, navigate to the specific form from the Settings menu, and then follow these steps:

  1. Locate the currently active version of the form (the one with active listed under the 'State' column).

  2. Click on the Clone button under the 'Actions' column. This will create a draft copy of the form you cloned.

Form setup page with active and draft forms listed.

You can now make edits on the draft version of the form by clicking on the Show button next to it. Please note: Drafts are not visible to families - they will always see the active version of any form.

Clicking the Show button under the 'Actions' menu for your draft form will display the individual pages of the form. From here, you can click the Edit button next to any page to update it, or you can add an entirely new page by clicking on the green Add Page button next to the form name.

Once in the edit mode for any page, you can edit the Page Name at the top of the edit window. This name appears at the top of the page when a family is filling out the form. Each page is composed of various sections with different settings and options as outlined below.

How-To: Add a Section, Field, or Comment

Once you are in the form editor, you have two options for adding sections, fields, or comments to the form.

Option 1: Add to the Bottom of the Form

You can add a section, field, or comment by scrolling to the bottom of your form and clicking on the Add Field button, right above the Save button. This will add the field below everything else on the form (i.e. at the bottom of the form).

Add field and save buttons on form editor.

Option 2: Add to a Specific Area of the Form

You can also add a section, field, or comment to a specific area of the form. To do so, locate the existing content above or below where you want the new content to be placed. Then, you can click on the Actions button to the right of the existing content, and choose to Add field above or Add field below, as appropriate.

Actions menu on form editor.


With either option, if you add a section, field, or comment, and then later want to move it to a different area of the form, you can reorder anything on the form with a few clicks. Click and hold your cursor on the grey area of the section to move and drag and drop it to the desired location.

How-To: Save Changes & Publish the Draft

After making all of your desired changes to a page, make sure to scroll to the bottom and click on the Save button. This will redirect you to the main form page with all of the pages listed. If you are done making changes, click in the top right to go Back to form history.

Back on the form setup page, you can add a Form Comment to your new draft version by typing in the text box to the right of your draft, and then clicking the Save button. Form comments are useful so that your internal team can track what changed which each version of the form.

Entered Form Comment on form setup page.

If you are ready to make your edited draft the currently active version of the form, all you will need to do is click on Publish from under the 'Actions' menu.

As soon as you click to publish, the form state will change from 'draft' to 'active', while the previously active version of the form will change to 'retired'. This is because you can only have one active version of each form at any given time.

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