Go to Settings > Forms and select the form type you wish to edit.  See below for descriptions of each form type.  Please contact SchoolAdmin Support if you need assistance. 

Form Types

  • Inquiry Forms – The form a family fills out to inquire about your school.
  • Application Forms – The form a family fills out to apply to your school.
  • Custom Admission Forms – Any form other than the application that a family would fill out during the application process.  Some examples include student essay questions, a personal statement form, and/or event signup forms.
  • Teacher Recommendation Forms – Forms parents can send to teachers to receive recommendations.  These can be subject area specific.
  • Recommendation Customization – This page allows you to customize the decline reasons for teacher recommendation forms.
  • Contract Forms – The form used after a family accepts an offer to your school and decides to enroll.
  • Custom Enrollment Forms – Any form other than the enrollment contract/registration form that a family would fill out during the enrollment process.  Some examples include emergency contact form, health forms, and/or transportation forms.

Once you’ve selected the form you wish to edit, select the term/school year from the drop down menu at the top of the page.  Below that, you will see the following columns:

State (1): This is the current state of the form.  A form can have the following states:  

  • Active: The current published version of the form.  This is the form a family sees. IMPORTANT: only one version of the form can be active at a time.
  • Draft: The form is editable and not currently viewable by a family.
  • Retired: This is a previously published form that has been retired and is no longer viewable by the family.

Created at (2): This is the date and time that the form was created.

Published at (3): For active or retired forms, this is the date and time the form was published at.  Draft forms will not appear in this column.

Last Edited by (4): This displays the name of the Admin that last edited the form and saved their changes.

Actions (5): These are the actions you can take on a form.

  • Show: For published and retired forms, this action will give you a technical overview of the form attributes.  For draft forms, this action will let you edit the form.
  • Clone: This action creates a copy of the form in a draft state so you can edit and/or publish it. A best practice is to clone the active form, so that you are editing the most recent version.
  • Publish: This will publish the form and make it viewable to families.
  • Delete: This will permanently delete the draft version of the form.  This action will not display for active or retired forms.
  • Preview: This action will display the form from the family view.  This is the best way to test the changes made to the form.

Form Comment (6): This is where an Admin can leave comments about their form changes.

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