Within Settings (1) –> Forms (2), Admins can create new forms or edit and manage existing forms.  

Available for editing:

  • Create new forms and pages
  • Adding a section (field, heading, comment box)
  • Changing the Map to value
  • Delete a section
  • Page Name
  • Prompt Text
  • Header & Sub-header Text
  • Comment Text
  • Arrangement of Questions
  • Show / Hide Dependencies
  • Option List Filtering
  • Associated calendars
  • Question options, required fields, read-only fields, hidden fields, default values for fields.

Requires SchoolAdmin to edit:

  • Adding a new option in a field, such as adding a new school to a feeder school list

How to Create a New Form

During the Admissions and Enrollment Process, you may need to create a new custom form.  These forms can be parent facing (health forms, field trip permission forms, etc) or school facing only (Interview forms).  

To create a new form, navigate to Settings (1) --> Forms (2).  Next, you'll select Custom Admission Forms (3) or Custom Enrollment Forms (4), as determined by the form you're creating. 

For our example, I chose a custom admission form.  To create a new form, click on Add Form or the green plus sign in the upper left as shown below. 

Next you'll be asked to Name (1) your form and create the Canonical Name (2) of your form.  The canonical name is the name that's used on the back end of the system to identify the form.  A best practice is to replicate the name of your form with underscores in place of spaces.  Please note, the canonical name can't be changed once the form is created.  Then click the Submit button (3) to save the form. 

The system will notify you the that the custom form was successfully created (1) near the top of the screen.  Once you locate the name of the form you just created, click on the form name (2) along the left so you can add pages and content. 

To add the first page to your newly created form, click on Show under the Actions column.

This page will display an error message that says, "The following fields have errors that must be corrected before the form can be published: A form template must have at least one page."  To add a page, click on the green plus sign or green Add Page text in the upper left next to the form name. 

You'll be asked to create a name (1) for your page.  If the form only has one page, you may use the form name as the page name.  For forms that have multiple pages such as the Application Form, you'll use different names for each page based on the content such as Applicant Information, Households, etc. Click submit (2) to save the page you just created.  The page name will display at the top of the page in the format of a Header. 

Now that we have a form created with our first page, the next step is to add content!  Click on edit next to Page 1 under the Actions column along the right. 

Once the page opens, click on Add Field to add a Header, Field, Comment, etc.  To learn more about how to set each one of these content blocks up, continue reading. 

Connecting Forms to Checklist Items for Parent/Admin Use

To interact with the form as a parent or an Admin/User, you will now need to tie the form to your Admissions or Enrollment Checklist.  Once the form is tied to the checklist, you can also set who can fill out the form (parents only, admins only or parents and admins).  To learn more about checklist settings and how to connect your forms to checklist items, click here

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