What Are Custom Appointment Forms?

Custom appointment forms can be linked to your calendars so that if a family registers for an event via a public calendar link or a calendar checklist item, they will be prompted to enter the information you want to gather via the form. 

The custom appointment form will not display for calendars that are embedded in forms (such as the Inquiry form).  Parents that are booking themselves for appointments via a form will only enter the basic contact information for the appointment.

You can create multiple appointment forms to correspond to different calendars, or, alternatively, you can link the same custom appointment form to multiple calendars.

Creating And Editing Custom Appointment Forms

Custom Appointment Forms can be accessed within Settings-->Forms-->Custom Appointment Forms.  

Admins can edit these forms to the same extent -- and using the same process -- as they can other custom forms.  See this article for instructions on editing forms.

To create a new appointment form, click the green plus sign labeled 'Add Form' at the top left of the 'Custom Appointment Forms' page.

Important Note: because appointment forms are accessed when someone is already booking an appointment, it is not necessary to add an appointment field to an appointment form -- and doing so will actually cause errors on form import.

Linking Appointment Forms to Calendars 

To link an appointment form to a calendar, go to Scheduling-->Calendars-->Name of Specific Calendar.  Click 'Calendar Settings' at the top right and then select 'Edit Settings.'

In the 'Calendar Details' details window, there's a box near the top labeled 'Appointment Form.'  Click into this box and select your form, and then hit 'Submit' at the bottom of the pop up.  Once this is done, you can move on to the next calendar (if applicable) and repeat these steps.

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