Fee rules work off of values for fields in the system. Some schools have certain values they set each year, like special deposit waivers or other variables that change the language on the contract. Examples might include marking international students for specific language programs, setting nursery students to specific day/time combinations or any other fields that are controlled by the school.  In order for fee rules to be setup and to work properly, you must have the values for any related fields set. 

Contract Fee Rules Details

The contract fee rules page is view-only except for the term picker at the top of the page.  Here you will see the following:

  • Term picker (1): Here you can select the term/school year that you’d like to view the contract fee rules for.

  • Description (2): This is a description of what the rule is.  This is for definition purposes only and will not show up on the Contract.

  • Test (3): The test field is used to create the contract fee rule using the canonical names (system names for your fields on the back-end) and business rules, which determine when the fee displays and for whom.  

  • Contract Fee (4): This is the corresponding contract fee.

  • Fee Type (5): This indicates if the fee is required, a tuition fee, tuition discount, deposit fee, payment plan fee,  or an optional fee. 

  • Fee Amount (6): The financial amount of the fee.

  • Active (7): All rules that are checked off as active appear in the contract.  Rules can be de-activated if you do not want them to appear on the Contract.

  • Last Edit (8): This is the date that the last edit was made to the fee rule.

  • Edit History (9): Click on the 'view changes' link to see the details of up to the last 5 edits including who made the change, when the change was made, and what the values were before the change and after the change.

Viewing the Edit History

To view the edit history of a contract fee rule, click on the 'view changes' link in the 'Edit History' column. 

The recent history screen will show the following information for up to the last 5 edits:

  • Contract Fee Name (1): The name of the Contract Fee that has the rule applied.

  • Who (2): The name of the user that made the change.

  • When (3): The date and time the change was made.

  • Field(s) (4): The field will default to 'test' for all fee rules.

  • What: Values that were in place before the change (5) and after the change (6) was made.  Click 'ok' to exit the screen.

Additional Information

  • Click here to learn about contract fees.

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